How I got Google Adsense Approval with 17 posts in Blogger

Getting an Adsense approval is little bit tough process because of its strict policies and thousands of applications that Google receives each day from all over the world. But it is not impossible and yes you can get it by doing things in a right way.

Every publisher whether he/she is a blogger or a website owner his/her first choice is to get Google Adsense. You already know the reason behind it and I think that is why you are reading this article. There is no doubt that this is one of the best advertising networks for the advertiser as well as for publisher. It provides best Cost-Per-Click (CPC) rates and shows relevant ads. There are two reasons for which I want Adsense and that is (1) Best CPC rates, (2) Responsive image ads which make my blog more appealing and beautiful. 

Getting an Adsense approval is little bit tough process because of its strict policies and thousands of applications that Google receives each day from all over the world. But it is not impossible and yes you can get it by doing things in a right way. In this article, I will share my experience of getting Adsense with just 17 posts. And I am definitely sure that this will make you feel ease. Let's start my journey of getting Adsense from the beginning. 
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I created my blog in the month of November 2016 in Blogger and written just 1 post. After that, I stopped working on my blog for 1 month because I get busy in preparing for my academic exams. After my exam was over, I again started working on my blog and written 3 posts in a week. I was very curious is getting Adsense that I submitted my application for Adsense with just 6 posts. And after 36 hours I got an email saying "your Adsense application is rejected". There were two reasons mentioned on that email i.e. (1)  Site does not comply with Google policies and (2) Insufficient content.

The second reason of rejection was acceptable to me because I understand that my blog is quite new and has only 6 posts, so I was okay with the reason. But the reason of Site Does not Comply with Google policies, I don't understand it. So, I researched on the internet and Adsense guideline. What I came to know is I am doing something wrong and these mistakes were:- 
  1. Missing About Page
  2. Missing Contact Page 
  3. Missing Privacy Policy Page
  4. Using image from Google or the Internet
  5. Missing Adsense Friendly Template
Now, let's see why it is required:- 
While reviewing your account AdSense team will take following things into account.

1. About Page- to know who is responsible for this blog/website. 

2. Contact Page- to know whether a user can contact or not if there is anything wrong. For example- Misinformation.

3. Privacy Policy Page- It is must if you want to show ads on your blog/websites. It defines what information you are collecting from the users.

4. Copyrighted Image- to know if you are using copyrighted image or not. Please note that all images on google are not licensed free. So try to create your own image in paint or purchase or use only free licensed free images from the internet. 

5. Template- to know your template is user-friendly or not. It is recommended that you should use a simple user-friendly template for your blog. 

6. Content- to know your content is originally created by you or not. I recommend you to write good quality content with at least 500 words for your users, not for search engines. 

After working on the above-listed issue and writing 4 more posts. Now I had total 10 posts, I again submitted my blog for Adsense. After two days, I got an email from Adsense saying your application is rejected. The Reason was insufficient content. I was very disappointed at that moment because I really worked hard on my blog from last 25 days. My blog niche is commerce and finance. Since I graduated with and my field of study is commerce and finance. So, I decided to create a blog and share my knowledge. It takes time and effort to write content on notebook first then type it into the computer. 

At that moment I started searching for an alternative to Adsense. And I found a good website It provides contextual ads of Yahoo and Bing Network. I signed up and submitted my site for approval. My blog gets approved within 24 hours. I created two ad units from publisher account, copy the HTML code to show ad into my blog. The ads started showing on my blog. It is a good alternative of Adsense if your website or blog has lots of visitors. 

But my ultimate aim was to get Adsense, so, I didn't stop writing. I just wanted to turn my passion into profit and look of my blog more beautiful. After 15 posts in total, I again submitted my application.

This was my third attempt. As always, I again get rejected. But, I didn't lose hope and continue working on my blog without earning anything. Two weeks later, I again submitted my Adsense application without any hope of Approval. Around two days of my submission of application, I opened my blog in Chrome by typing its URL, I was surprised to see the Google Ads were showing on my blog. I was amazed and feeling very happy thinking like I won a Battle. I immediately checked my email and I was very very happy to see the email from Adsense saying, "Congratulations your Adsense Account is fully approved". I got this approval in my 4th attempt and in around 45 days from the day first when I submitted my application.


* No custom URL (Blogger "Blogspot Url")
* 17 total posts.
* Each post contain at least 500 words
* Most Images created in Paint & Powerpoint.
* Average 20-30 daily visitors.
* Simple Blogger Template.
* Third party contextual Ad was present.

Note: - If you are using a platform other than then, a custom domain is important and needed to get Adsense approval.

Final Conclusion:-
So my friend, don't lose hope you also can get Adsense approval. As I get Adsense on my 4th attempt. I hope you get succeeded in getting Adsense in the first attempt by avoiding the mistakes that I had done. 
Good luck & all the best. If you have any suggestion or want to share your experience leave it into the comment box below.


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