Best sites to buy Test Series for Competitive and Academic Exams online

All the big coaching institutes in India like TIME, Career Launcher, PT etc. have all come online with their online test modules. Apart from them, there are many startups who are stepping in this field with an aim to make the coaching easily accessible to all through online mode.

Gone are the days when one has to rely on the teachers in the nearby vicinity for their education and development. Now, even a student sitting in a small hut, can access the teaching lessons of the exceptional teachers from across the globe. Though the full potential of the online teaching is yet not explored fully, the entrepreneurs are not leaving any stone unturned to fully utilize its potential for the common good of all.

 All the big coaching institutes in India like TIME, Career Launcher, PT etc. have all come online with their online test modules. Apart from them, there are many startups who are stepping in this field with an aim to make the coaching easily accessible to all through online mode. For them, it is more than a B2C game. They are readily making efforts for partnering with the popular existing offline coaching classes. They are all providing test series of one kind or the other to their students to help them prepare for the exams in a better way. 

Some of the Best websites to buy test series to prepare for competitive exam are: 

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This website has been built by the alumni of IIT Delhi and Mumbai, 2012 batch. The counting of its registered candidates has neared about 45 thousand. It has more than 21 lakh questions in its repository. (IBPS, PO, SBI, Clerk etc.):
This is a popular name in the field of Competitive bank exams preparation. This Website is started by the developer of the SourceWeb, Konark Singhal, who is an IIM Bangalore alumnus. The website exclusively provides the exam and test content for IBPS PO, SBI Clerk etc. IT makes available a very good resource for the preparation of bank exams. It has a paid product and a daily quiz section, which is very popular among the students. – IIT and JEE

This platform is operated from Mumbai and is founded by the well-known entrepreneurs Hemanth Goteti and Zishaan Hayath. They both are IIT Bombay pass-outs. The skilled engineers dedicates this site to the students who aim to crack IIT and JEE exams. The website is gaining popularity day-by-day for its excellent material and support. From SAIF partners and Halion Ventures the company has raised over 2 million dollars. 

Handa Ka Funda – MBA
This website is exclusively focused on the MBA entrance exam preparation. In online test preparation websites HKF is quite popular. It is founded by Ravi Handa, who is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur. Though a IIT alumnus, his platform prepares its student for the IIMs. On this website, you will find enormous videos of him teaching Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Quantitative Aptitude. The videos are quite impressive and teaches the concepts quite easily. 

Oliveboard – MBA and Banking
Oliveboard is a B2C product. This site specializes in providing online coaching to MBA aspirants and Banking students. This site is developed by Abhishek Patil and Satish Kumar. Oliveboard doesn’t develop its own product. It works in collaboration with content providers. The combine the data analytics with the content and run algorithms on the content to give their students an adaptive learning experience. It is surely a good site for the CAT, CAMT and Bank Aspirants. 

Uunacademy – UPSC Civil Service Exams
Uunacademy is an open education initiative. It is a combined project of Romain Saini and Gaurav Munjal. Instead of MBA and Bank Exams, this website focuses on UPSC exams. Like Oliveboard, this site also pools content from various providers. You can say that its YouTube channel is an aggregator which pools the content from various providers and then hosts it for the common good. 
Its tagline is ‘High quality lessons for passionate learners by expert educators’. 

Meritnation – Grade 1 to 12
Meritnation is an educational portal for school students. It covers all the classes from class 1 to 12.No online school education portal can compete with Meritnation today. It is a very well-funded company. It provides not only online tuitions but free NCERT solutions, Smart Study, entrance exam preparation and homework help also. Students love this website as it clarifies their concepts and doubt in a fun and interesting way and it also gives them the opportunity to study their favorite subject anytime and anywhere. 
Meritnation’s CEO Pavan Chauhan say that they have raised about 60 crore Rs. by now. – GRE
This is the most popular site for GRE preparation. It was founded by Sachin Kaundaniya and Jitta Rao. The USP of this site is that it gives its user an opportunity to personalize their study plan to meet their needs. They can get assistance from the tutors, customized practice sessions, realistic GRE practice tests and what not. For Vocab learning, it uses Flashcards with Mnemonics. At CrunchPrep, they use all the newest technologies and tool of online learning that can make the learning of the GRE aspirants easy. 

There are many more websites like Embibe, 100Marks, Examify, MeraTestBazar, MindWorkkz, EntrancePrime, Cracku, CareerPower, TopRanker etc. which are doing exceptional jobs in the field of online coaching. With the increase in the online coaching portals, now the students do not have to limit their learning to just one teacher. Now they can search for the best educators and meet their demands of the quality education without leaving their native place. We wish you ALL THE BEST for your search. 


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