5 Best Philips Beard Trimmers for Men available on Amazon India

You need not test dozens of trimmers to find that one perfect brand for your needs. We have come up with genuine reviews of top 5 Philips Beard Trimmer for Men available on Amazon India.

An Insight into Best Beard Trimmer for Men
A decent eyesight and willingness to shave your face isn’t even to get that perfect look. Things can actually turn out to be very challenging if you don’t have the right kind of trimmer. The tool should be long lasting, with sharp blades, a lithium-ion battery and most important it shouldn’t get clogged with shaven hairs.

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You need not test dozens of trimmers to find that one perfect brand for your needs. We have come up with genuine reviews of top 5 Beard Trimmer for Men available on Amazon India. Read on to know about each one in detail.

1. Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4001/15 (With Adapter)

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4001/15 is an ideal choice for the ones looking for a grooming tool that can potentially deliver long-lasting and skin friendly performance. It comes with DuraPower technology. 10 hours of charging gives it 45 minutes of cordless power, which is not really bad. The product also features self-sharpening steel blades, offering the benefit of protective and perfect trim to the users.

•  The product comes with a 2-year guarantee
•  Users can get trimmed look for 1mm or 10 mm by simply turning its wheels to  lock-in the desired length settings
•  The product comes with a detachable head, which makes it easier to clean.
•  Its rounded blade tips give a neat and finished cut to the hairs while preventing irritation.
•  It requires 8 Hours of uninterrupted charge before use.
• This product doesn’t supports direct plug and use feature.

What if you have 13-in-1 Premium Trimmer? Amazing, isn’t it?  Philips MG7715/15 13-in -1 Face Multigroomer Trimmer will give you the treat of ultimate versatility. This product empowers the users to craft their unique style for their whole body. Its DualCut blades and no-slip rubber grip enhances the overall worth of the product while allowing the users to enjoy maximum precision. You just need to charge it for an hour to facilitate yourself with 120 minutes of cordless use.

• It comes with 13 tools to style your body from top to toe
•  Showerproof and easy cleaning
• The product comes with 1 adjustable beard comb (3-7 mm), 2 Stubble combs (1,2 mm), 2 body combs (3,5 mm) and 3 hair combs (9,12,16 mm).
•  It is inclusive of high-performance Lithium-Ion battery.


  • Trimming is a little painful with this Philips product.   However, its blades are skin friendly.

This Philips grooming tool can easily capture low lying hair, giving even trimming, efficient results to the users. From long beard to short beard look, you can achieve the various look with its innovative Trim and Lift system. It lasts 6 x longer and cuts 25-30 per cent faster in comparison to the ordinary trimmers.

•  The rounded tips and combs of this prevent skin irritation and offer gentle trimming.   
•  It needs just 60 minutes of charging to run up to 90 minutes
•  The product has 20 lock-in length settings, with 0.5 - 10mm precision
•  It features a light indicator to let the users know the battery status- charging, full, low, empty.
•  This Philips trimmer features Ergonomic Design and detachable head for easy cleaning.

•  The trimmer is a little noisy comparatively.
•  It is pricey in comparison to other trimmers. Overall, it’s worth the value.

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4. Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded for Men QT4011/15
Featuring the combination of advanced technology and Ergonomic Design this Philips product delivers even beard trimming time after time. It lasts 4 x longer than the ordinary trimmers. Plus, it comes with self-sharpening blades that stay sharp and long-lasting even after continuous use over a long period. The rounded tips of the trimmer’s titanium blades save the user’s skin from irritation.

•  It comes with DuraPower technology, which allows the product to deliver long-lasting performance
•  An hour of charging gives 90 minutes of cordless power use
•  The trimmer features 27 lock-in length settings
•  The storage and travel pouch of this trimmer makes it easily portable

•  A little overpriced in comparison to other trimmers
•  Vibration during the use might irritate some users

With 4 times longer durability, rounded combs and blade tips, and DuraPower technology this Philips beard trimmer is an ideal buy for the ones who desire nothing less than the best. The product needs 10 hours of charging to deliver 45 minutes of cordless use. It comes with a detachable head for easy cleaning. This beard trimmer comes with charging indicator, Ergonomic design and self-sharpening steel blades.
•  Users can facilitate themselves with 20 different length settings of this product’s zoom wheel.
•  The charging indicator shows the charging status for ease of the users and has run time of 60 minutes of cordless use after full charge.
•  The self-sharpening products stay sharp even after prolonged use.


•  Charging time is 10 hours.


There are so many trimmers of different brands including Philips available online. And selecting one that suits your needs and budget is somewhat difficult task. So the above trimmers are selected for you by doing research based on user reviews, price, with maximum pros & minimum cons and availability on a trusted and popular e-commerce website Amazon India.