"The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2019" from Udemy

This course is not a substitute to any regular financial accounting course. One thing that strikes out in the tutorials is the stress the author have put on Excel.

This course is not a substitute to any regular financial accounting course. However, if you own a company or want to be a step ahead of the pack for promotion or desire to master the financial part of the company when you have stepped up into a respectable position, this course prove to be invaluable for you.
One thing that strikes out in the tutorials is the stress the author have put on Excel. This tutorial literally covers all quantitative and business oriented functions of excel. This is logical considering that you cannot put a step ahead in financial analysis without the statistical, mathematical, sorting or probabilities functions in excel package.
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The lecture starts with elementary formatting in the spreadsheet. It teaches you those functions which you normally wouldn’t have noticed but are must when analysis of business data is concerned. It teaches you text to column formatting, wrapping of data, freezing panes etc.
This course provides the operational knowledge of a long list of functions in Excel. Go through the course index to browse all through them. If you can learn to handle even 80% of the function this course provides, you will become a pro in handling the spreadsheet.
The next chapters walk you through the creating, handling and querying the relational databases.
Further you are lectured on creating a P&L statement. If you can go to this level, no wonder you will become your company’s/client’s asset and colleague’s envy.

Next comes chart handling and pivot table creation. Pivot tables summarize a vast database into concise tables with various extracted items matched. In short through pivot table you are presented that data which is displayed in the form you want. Well by now it seems that I am doing a full time course in Excel, but that’s the beauty of this course. It encompasses all that you need to learn for properly using the business accounting.
The tempo now changes and shifts to Accounting and Bookkeeping.
After a brief info, the basic tenants like assets, liabilities, expenses and equity are explained lucidly. If you are incumbent in this field, you can brush them up. If you are a newbie in the analysis, then it’s the best opportunity to learn them.
Examples are provided after each term to make your understanding easier and clearer.
Real life like examples mean you relate to these terms better and remember longer.
Practical case studies follow at the end of each chapter. This aids in better comprehension of the related financial reports.
Its noteworthy that a multitude of financial and logical excel functions are taught in this tutorial including the If analysis.
These lectures are followed by even more important query “How and When to recognize revenues and expenses. “ Pay careful attention to this chapter because a lot of hoodwinking goes in this section of accounting. Also, erratic Revenue or Expense booking by you or your employee means falsification of financial reports.
To make things comprehensible, case study for creation of income statement follows.
Being in the financial field you probably know the “cash flow analysis”. In this course, the cash flow is presented in a manner that you can create cash flows by yourself after viewing the chapter. The lecture stresses on whether you or your competitor is generating or burning cash. The result of this query has the opposite effect on you and your competitor’s business.
Trade receivables and Payables, inventory, assets, liabilities all are explained not to define but to be actively used.
Learn to analyze financial statements using aids like Days Payable, Days inventory and Days receivable. As you know, understanding the above are must while estimating the ongoing status of your business. After all there’s no use piling on the inventory if it does not turn into cash. The factors like Days inventory, Days receivable and Days inventory will alert you on the trend of inventory conversion to cash. So, this lesson is extremely important. Like me you will also love the way these metrics are explained in this course.
To sum it up, at rupees 1,280 this “complete financial analyst course 2018” covers phenomenal area extending right from functions of excel for generating report to important ratios of financial reporting.

If you are capable of digesting this huge knowledge flow of excel functions and financial analysis, go for this course. It will provide overwhelming knowledge, much more than you had bargained for. The price is truly astounding and makes this offer irresistible.

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