"Technical Analysis Course: Secrets of Trading Revealed" from Luca Moschini - Review

The technical analysis discussed in this course are no secrets, but its the vivid methodology used in explaining each of the technical trading signs are something that you will be hard-pressed to find in any other course at so low discounted price.

The Udemy course "Technical Analysis 102: Secrets of Trading Revealed" from Luca Moschini of SharperTrades.com lives up to its name. It is full of helpful trading tips. It starts with three important tenants of Charles Dow theory. Dow's theory connected the stock market to the country's economy. For example, if the economy were to prosper, the railways would stand to gain too. Logistics are the natural beneficiary of national economy. If the GDP increases, rail goods transportation companies would also profit from an increased need for transportation. Dow's theory stated that only one factor cannot move the market in isolation. Market moves owing to a couple of interrelated factors, which are inter dependent. 

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Another theory of Dow states that the market does not move in a sharp linear motion, but rather in waves and zigzag fashion. This basic movement gave rise to technical analysis. All these are covered in Luca's "Dow theory" opening tutorial.

The next video in the course is on an interesting topic : "Market players then and now";  In earlier years, market players used to be mainly of two types- the institutional investors and the rich individuals who were market informed. They controlled most of the market and the system was opaque owing lack of timely and fast information decimation. The other part comprised of retail investors who followed the institutions and were generally ignorant about the details of the market. However, the trading part was mostly manual, with orders being placed after lengthy discussion. Traders were glued to the bourse floor or later to the computer terminals. However, these days, the market players have transformed. The institutional investors, HNIs and retail investors still comprise the market but a new breed of firms have also joined this club: The hedging and proprietary trading firms. Bourses now offer futures trading in almost every type of commodities and stocks. Hedging firms minimize the risk of companies dealing in physical commodities while proprietary firms offer algo trade. In algo trade, the codes for various technical trading strategies are pre-programmed; the trader has to select the strategy and leave the rest to the algo systems. In short, technology has taken over the manual trades and the breed of investors has changed. To go through this fascinating journey of market participants decades ago and now, go through the video section – "Market players yesterday and today".
Institutional investors, algo trading and proprietary trading firm bets are termed as smart money, hot money, etc. A large portion of retail investors follows their investment, which is also tagged as smart money. It is termed as smart money because it is based on algo trading and technical analysis sans any human emotion. 
The minute the system feels that the stock has breached any technical parameter or there is any whiff of any fraud, the money shifts from a particular script to a better one. So retail investors need to understand where the hot money trail currently is in. To understand the smart money journey, Luca devotes full a video chapter titled "Smart Money: The Major Players in the Market ".
The next videos enter into the sacrosanct area of trading technical analysis. Primarily he zooms into different accumulation, ascending, descending and distribution phases of the stock market. This chapter is extremely important for understanding positional trades as well as investor's entry openings and exit decisions.
The market trend is very important. One can hold a stock as long as it remains above the trend line. Once it breaches the trend line, it can generate a buy or sell signal. The next video on "Market trends and waves" teaches how to read the market trends. A lot of helpful charts and animated tips accompany this chapter.
Past performance, helps predict the future market movements. Past price movements, create a lot of congestion areas, which ultimately become support and resistance. The video also includes volume analysis to validate the supports and resistance. Although both these terms are well known to every trader, but this course's video explains the mechanism behind formation of support and resistance areas along with many animated charts and with help of special charting software: this fact makes this video invaluable for beginners as well as retail traders.
Consolidation precedes breakout. Primarily it is very important to detect the consolidation areas. Next, it is very important to understand the type of breakout or breakdown that may occur after the consolidation. Both these important trading factors are dealt in the video "Consolidation patterns" admirably. Admirably because Luca liberally uses various visual indicators, time frames, moving averages, and animated pointers to make his points clear. Visual live examples always emphasize better than spoken words only.
Breakout after the consolidation is equally important. One of the most important breakout patterns is triangle based. Apart from triangle, breakout patterns can be wedge or pennant shaped. These occur at end of consolidation pattern and have to be validated through volume analysis. This whole consolidation and breakout patterns with process are explained vividly in consolidation, triangular, wedges and pennants video tutorial chapters.
Apart from the above stock trading secrets formula, there are also bonus video tutorials on candlesticks and later more in-depth video tips on trading.

Although some might primarily find Luca's vocabulary or accent a bit difficult to follow, however, he makes that up through his detailed technical analysis video using charting software, moving averages, depiction of different technical patterns and animated pointing of these elements on these charts. While reviewing this course, I myself felt compelled to watch repeatedly some of the technical analysis videos. You might also feel the same once you dig a bit deep in the course" Technical Analysis 102: Secrets of Trading Revealed" from Luca Moschini" of SharperTrades.com. Go for this guiding course when it is available at a fraction of the original price. This course can be coined as a good trading secrets course. The technical analysis discussed in this course are no secrets, but its the vivid methodology used in explaining each of the technical trading signs are something that you will be hard-pressed to find in any other course at so low discounted price.