10 Signs which shows you will be a Successful Businessman

Becoming your own boss is something that everybody wants in his/her life but only some people achieve this in a real way. Many of us wanted to start our own business, we have funds to invest, we know the basics, we have the idea and we know everything about the line of our business but even though we fail to achieve or fear to start what we are dreaming for.

So, You want to become a businessman? Well, that's a very good idea to start your own business. Becoming your own boss is something that everybody wants in his/her life but only some people achieve this in a real way. Many of us wanted to start our own business, we have funds to invest, we know the basics, we have the idea and we know everything about the line of our business but even though we fail to achieve or fear to start what we are dreaming for.
Actually, the thing is after talking to so many people and practically examining what I came to know is starting a business is not that much difficult, running a business is a lot more difficult. And some people have the quality to run smoothly and establish their new business and achieve the desired goal.

So in this article, I am going to tell you, What are the qualities which make you a successful businessman? or What are the signs which shows you are going to become a successful businessman one day?

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1. Smart work: Everyday we do hard work, and it is very important but I want to ask you one thing, Don't you think a labor who carry weight on his head throughout the day and earn his daily wages do much more hard work than any other profession or work? In so many work there is a lot of physical effort but, is this the only criteria to be successful? The answer is No, you have to do smart work. So, What is smart work? A smart work is nothing but doing the same work differently. There is one major difference between smart work and hard work and that is the former gives maximum result in minimum time and the later gives minimum result in maximum time. Not only in business, a smart work pays in every field.

Example- Peter starts a shop and from the day one he is focusing only on selling and working very hard. While John also starts the same business but his approach is different than Peter, instead of focusing only on selling he tries to build his network by establishing a good relationship with the customers, running a promotion and establishing his goodwill instead of just focusing on profit. Here what John is doing is the example of smart work.

2. Consistency: In every field, consistency is needed to be successful. A consistent player one day become the best player. People forget those players easily who only play good in few matches, but a consistent player is always remembered by everyone through his performance. Likewise, a businessman should be active and consistent. He/She has to set a goal and after achieving that goal he/she should be ready for a new target.

3. Creativity: A creative mind is a mind which does not stay at one place. If your mind always tries to explore new ideas, always wanted to do something, you can find many solutions to a particular problem then you are a creative person. Creativity is a thing which brings innovation. And a businessman must be creative so that he can bring changes in his/her business with his/her innovative ideas. It is that thing which makes you distinct from others because a few people possess this quality.

4. Determination: Many of us set a goal in our life, a target which we wanted to accomplish but we fail to even reach there due to lack of determination. It plays a key role in successful people's life. They are successful in their respective field because they were determined to fulfill their dream. If you are determined enough and always fulfill what you promises to yourself and others then this is the sign of a successful person.

5. Polite: Do you want to talk or like people who are very aggressive, abusive and rude always?. I think NO, even you don't want to meet that kind of people. So be polite when you are talking to someone whether he is senior or junior. This is the way through which you can win customers and influence people. This is our tongue which can fulfill our hunger by asking for some food from someone in a polite way and also this tongue can give you slap by using abusive language. It can move you upward also it can bring you downward, it is up to you how you use it. So be polite always.

6. Commitment: Here commitment is fulfilling your promises. If you stick to your words and always say what you are going to fulfill. Then this is a good sign because it shows honesty and it helps you building a trust with your customers which will be beneficial for the long survival of business and create your brand name. So always remember and fulfill your commitment. 

7. Good Management: A good management skill is a quality which some people possess as a born quality. I have seen some people who manage things very well and effectively even though they never studied management in their life. We go to college to study management or improve and enhance our management's skill but there are some people who are born managers or developed this skill over the period, if you are one of them then it is really a good quality which can lead you to achieve your goal in life. Management refers to time management, human resource management, material management, fund management and so on.

8. Financially sound: A good businessman should financially sound. It means that he has proper knowledge of finance, money and day to day financial activity. He should understand the basics of finance so that nobody can cheat him/her. If you have this quality and able to understand the basics such as fund, profits, taxes, return, expenses etc then this will make your journey easier. 

9. Positive Attitude: A positive attitude is necessary because it keeps you motivated all the time. A positive attitude inside you shows leadership quality. Even in the difficult time if you stay calm and think positively and always let the morale of your staff or employee up, then this is an example of excellent leadership quality. Your positive attitude towards the employees and your customers will make you distinct from other bosses. 

10. Logical: It is a quality which is very essential in a businessman. A businessman should always think logically because he/she has to make many decisions. And a decision is taken by thinking logically according to time and situation. In a business, we have to face many challenges such as competition, change in government policy, change in customer taste, employee shortage, losses etc, so to encounter theses challenges a businessman has to take decisions which can solve the problem. If you think logically and have good decision making skill then you are on the right track. 

So these are the signs of a successful businessman and a good personality also. If you have then it is very good you are on the right track and if not then try to develop. Anything can be achieved through your effort and dedication. 

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